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    • To open a company in Ireland, at least one director residing in the European Union is required. With ibaNET, you can open your business in Ireland and enjoy all the advantages, even if you have your address outside of Europe
    • Our non-executive director service resident in the EU will allow you to open the company in your name, without interfering in their activities or losing any of their rights
    • Director Resident in the European Union

      The responsibility of the Directors of a company in Ireland is broad and diverse, and its main obligation is to ensure that the company complies with the Companies Law, exercising its powers in good faith and in the interests of the company, and complying with the statutory duties as company officer.

    • Qualified Company Secretary

      Any director can be the secretary in turn, except in the case that the company has a single director. If you want to open the company alone,  ibaNET can provide you with a qualified secretary and resident in Ireland, who would not have power in your company and would ensure that it is always up to date with the Irish Administration, notifying you of what is necessary and advising you in the legal management.

      The responsibility of the Secretaries is the daily supervision of the administration of the company, signature of annual statements, financial certificates, maintenance of minutes, official communications and provision of the registration of the members of the company.

      The secretary is a communicator, facilitator and legal advisor to the board and the shareholders of the company. The company secretary also has ongoing communications with regulatory authorities, such as the Registrar of Companies (the “CRO”) and the Revenue Commissioners (Revenue).

      The company secretary must be independent in providing advice, adequately qualified and aware of the rights, duties and obligations of directors, shareholders and other third parties.

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